Whores Alena Mihulova nude - Dzusovy roman (1984) FindTubes

Whores Alena Mihulova nude - Dzusovy roman (1984) FindTubes play

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When the bus pulled up to the high school, a guy, named Tommy and girl, Andrea, obviously very much in love took the seat across the aisle from me
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. Tommy began to run his hand up Andrea's leg and up her skirt, being a young man out of the loop my eyes were obviously glued to seat across the aisle, Andrea opened her legs and Tommy's fingers pushed the green panties out of the way that's when I saw it, her slit it was cute and small, Tommy's fingers were in the way a little but I got a pretty good view.


. . So short a time we spent together It seems only a second now in the infinty of my mind That small instance felt as though it were a lifetime Time was lost while we were together Now, that time has disappeared since you left me Come back to me Now, when I need you most Come back to me Where have you gone I've lost myself in search of you The one who brought me the greatest joy of my life Who are you Where did you come from What bright corner of the universe gave you life And why was your impact so great Come back my love Bring your beautiful smile Your kind words Your loving touch Come back to me I find it hard to express myself now Hard to know who I am Perhaps you are a part of me that has been lost Lost forever in the sands of time So lost, without you As the world spins, my heart and mind have stopped I feel no need or want for things of this world I only need you, I must have you again Come back to me I beg you Come back I will live my life in search of you Everything I say or do Every action Every movement, every breath Will be for you Come back to me Now, when I need you most Perhaps we will meet again on a dark night As was our first encounter Perhaps I will be in the same desolate place Your warm smile, your bright eyes, your entire being Will lift me up once again And bring me to that place in my mind Where I am at peace Where I feel nothing but happiness Come back to me

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Alena Mihulova nude - Dzusovy roman (1984)

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